Linards Kulless is a latvian interdisciplinary visual artist. For many years he worked as cultural manager in a couple of Riga art projects. Now he works in different media like video, photo and installation. The artistic playground of Linards includes theatre performances, paintings, outfit and interior concepts. Linards also works as a VJ  since 2001.   He exposes his work in art exhibitions since 1999 in many European countries.  In his art projects there are often found ethnographic influences, esoteric knowledge and a search for identity. 

Linards Kulless ©

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  1. Herbs Fest 


    Baumschule - Templiner Str. 12, 16775 Gransee


    Summer is coming to an end and we want to celebrate!
    The Gransee Baumschule invites you to the Autumn festival again!
    On Sun, October 1st. There is a variety of food and drinks, activities, and performances of all kinds on the Baumschule grounds. You and all your loved ones from big to small are cordially invited to be there. Bring rubber boots and a good mood - entry is free, and all food and drinks by donation. We will be very happy to see you! Please come by train or park your car at the train station! Until then!
    Erde gut, alles gut!
  2. Nyege Nyege Festival


    September 15-18, Itanda Falls, Busoga, Uganda

     Vj performance.



    Africa’s most adventurous festival (The Wire), the world’s best electronic music festival (FACT) and Uganda’s event of the year returns to the shores of the Nile in Uganda, on a new site at the majestic Itanda Falls. With a special focus towards new hybrid sounds from the Diaspora, music from the Caribbean and the most exciting acts in Africa, this promises to be a historic edition.


    Born out of Kampala’s boiling underground scene and as an extension to its parties, record labels, studios and artist collective, Nyege Nyege Festival is an experience that is considered one of the most important music and arts gatherings in East Africa. Both a life changing experience and an unforgettable party, FACT Magazine called it the best festival on the planet. Built on Pan-African values and diversity, the festival offers a unique opportunity to dive into the abundance of music from all over East Africa and beyond. Hosting over 300 performers for the 4 day event, spread across 7 stages, from marching bands to hip hop crews, from rising stars to living legends, Nyege Nyege is a totally immersive experience.

    For its 7th edition and after a 2 year hiatus, Nyege Nyege will inaugurate its brand new home, ashore the mighty Itanda Falls in the heart of Busoga region, a few kilometres from Jinja town. While keeping its 2020 promise of inaugurating the Nyege Universe or Nyegeverse, after months of development in partnership with Superficial Machines (Sweden), fans around the world will also be able to experience the festival remotely in groundbreaking ways. Continuing the on-going partnership with online music broadcasting platform Boiler Room, two days of performances taking place on the Hakuna Kulala stage will be accessible to the global Nyege Nyege community via world-wide streaming. 

    The global pandemic didn’t manage to shut down Nyege Nyege, it made it stronger. For two years Uganda was under total lockdown, but Nyege Nyege did not rest, producing more music than ever and holding a massive hybrid festival followed by over 8 million people in 2020, connecting scenes across the Continent and keeping the movement strong. Today Nyege Nyege has become a planetary phenomenon, with stages at Glastonbury, Primavera, Roskilde, Dours and mini Nyege festivals in Paris and in Amsterdam, African artists from the collective are riding the wave with over 200 shows around the world, culminating in the 4 day reunion at Itanda Falls in September that will see the best of Afrocentric music from Kampala to Cairo, Paris to Sao Paulo. The excitement throughout East Africa can no longer be contained; the urge is rising day by day as September 15th will mark the comeback of the festival. 

    Nyege Nyege says: “Finally we are back, with so many fresh acts to present and a growing fan base in East Africa ready to unleash the Nyege Nyege, by pushing toward a more environmentally friendly festival and always more inclusivity, with the new site we feel it opens a new exciting chapter in our story”.




    Performance + Symposium

    Performers: J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard), Linards Kulless, Signe Koefoed, Lise Hovesen, Randi Kjær.
    Sound composition and vocals: Thilde Fjord Madsen
    Instruments and effects: Thilde Fjord Madsen and Frederik Mensink
    Choir: Koret Paradox
    Organ: Niels Andersson

    February 12-13. 2022. Mariakirken Vesterbro Copenhagen. 

    Since November 2021 J&K have developed a number of ritual practices in the context of The Maria Project curated by Matthias Hvass Borello. The work investigates how the notion of kinship can be extended to non-human life forms and materials in the context of Maria Church on Istedgade and its services for people with urgent and social needs. In the series of multi-sensual Ritual Practises we are establishing expanded relations with basic life sustaining materials such as earth, bread, fire or textiles. Now these ritual exercises come together in a large performance piece that invites us all to reconnect in intimate ways to our existence and the materials that sustain it.
    Kin Matter (Ritual Practice V) - final performance
    You are invited to join a 2-hour ritual choreography, in which sensuous relationships with a number of basic materials are established as the church space is slowly transformed into a living tableau. The work proposes a collective ritual as a constructive response to one of the most fundamental crises of our time: the lack of empathic relationship to ressources and the world around us.
    6 performers guide the audience through a crafty and ritualised process where we collectively engage with clay, bread baking, textiles and meditative exercises through which sensory relationships between people and materials are explored. Composer Thilde Fjord Madsen conducts an improvised soundscape composed of material sounds, voices, instruments, choir and church organ.

  4. Winter Solstice pagans Benga Wrong way / Contemporary Performance Art Dance Party


    21.12.21. Grimmuseum Fichtestraße 2, 10967 Berlin

    Berlin premiere of video installation Bless this House2 + Winter Solstice ritual.

  5. ALMA GALLERY at Padure Manor

    17.09. - 30.11.2021.

    Video installation, photo, performance at group show.


    Ēriks Apaļais, Andris Breže, Ivars Drulle, Kristiāna Dimitere, Krista un Reinis Dzudzilo, Vika Eksta, Kristians Fukss, Barbara Gaile, Kristaps Ģelzis, Toms Harjo, Ernests Kļaviņš, Linards Kulless, MAREUNROL’S, Krišs Salmanis, Tīrkultūra, Zane Tuča
    Curator : Astrīda Riņķe
    It is a manor building as if in the middle of nowhere, still unscarred by time. Among a myriad of Latvian manors pompously renovated or pretentiously historicized, this 19th-century classicism building stands out with its reverence for the historical layers accrued over time as its owners and surrounding political, social and economic systems came and went. In between the brutal additions of the Soviet era, lurk unique ornaments, Empiric stoves and modest detailing which all combine to create a vision of a time gone by.
    This is precisely why it is such a great place for a contemporary exhibition. The Padure manor and park will be immersed in contemporary art during the exhibition while the history, palpable in its rooms, will be in immediate dialogue with the artwork. The exhibition consists of entirely new installations and objects created specifically for this event as well as works carefully selected from exhibitions held by the ALMA gallery in the last 15 or so years.
  6. O

    The International Agency for Space Affairs (IASA)

    04.09.2021.  Hamburger Bahnhof – Museum für Gegenwart – Berlin


    The International Agency for Space Affairs (IASA) invites you to join them in altering the orbit of our planet.
    On the 4th of September, 2021, around 25 people will attempt to influence the Earth with the help of the ancient technology of walking. More specifically: walking in a circle in front of the Hamburger Bahnhof museum in Berlin. We will begin at 11:00 and end at 18:00.
    Aside from the choreographic gesture of the circle, “O” is intended as a gathering, a way to spend a day together. So there will be stations, in which we will be proposing different situations and happenings around topics such as chronopolitics, ecology, concepts of space in mathematics and dance, self-organisation, fluidity and tarot.
    Choreography by: Norbert Pape, Yuri Shimaoka, Pêdra Costa, Göksu Kunak, Elena Polzer
    Participating artists: Franziska Aigner, Ardot Aslan, Kelley Becker, Melanie Bonajo, Zinzi Buchanan, Marly Borges, Helen Burghardt, Yara Colón, Emese Csornai, Leman Sevda Darıcıoğlu, Emeka Ene, Christian Filips, Chris Gylee, Gil Guimarães, Alexander Hahne, Michael Kaddu, Linards Kulles, Ariel Nil Levy, Camila Malenchini, Sheena McGrandles, Magdalena Meindl, Sunny Pfalzer, Rain Rose, Lotte Ramínez Speiser, Simon Speiser, Vera Varlamova, Rude Vianna, Cristina Viegas.
    “O” is a collaboration with the ongoing Beuys exhibit and supported by the NATIONAL PERFORMANCE NETWORK - STEPPING OUT, funded by the Federal Government Commissioner for Culture and Media within the framework of the initiative NEUSTART KULTUR. Assistance Program for Dance. and by Institutions Extended.


    Online:  26.02.2021
    LYRICAL GRAVITY is a multiplayer VR artwork for seven spectators that approaches Virtual Reality as a happening. By speculating on a fictional kind of gravity, it makes use of pop songs and their lyrics as psychoacoustic gates for triggering embodied memories and dormant affects, while leading the users on a sensorial somatic experience into the realm of instinct, intuition and desire.
    Matteo Marziano Graziano and Zoe Goldstein—in conversation with Benjamin Busch—will discuss the aesthetics and intentions of the project, while simultaneously streaming sections of the VR environments. They will additionally address the analog energo-somatic methodology used to design the digital spaces of LYRICAL GRAVITY, working at the intersection between psychosomatic consciousness studies and practices utilising ‘systemic constellations’.
    LYRICAL GRAVITY makes use of a contemporary western music dramaturgy to retrace the fundamental relational forces that move us as a collectivity as we strive for shared empowerment and political self-determination. Pop hits allow access to deeper affective states—joy, fear, surprise, disgust, anger, arousal, excitement, tranquility—redeeming affections, playfulness, touch and solidarities in the collective dreaming of post-pandemic sustainable scenarios. This return to collective affect opens up a performative field in which negotiations between body states, emotional scripts and cognitive processes arise from the embodiment of language through song inside of the VR space.
    LYRICAL GRAVITY is a project with and by Matteo Marziano Graziano, Linards Kulless, Zoe Goldstein, Yuri Shimaoka, Matias Brunacci, Polina Zinziver, Michael Tan, Sabine Huschka, Jacqueline Wong, Alexandra Tryanova and Samuel Hertz. It is presented by TIER – The Institute for Endotic Research in collaboration with and – Humboldt University. It is funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe and supported by the European Union under the House of Europe program. It is produced by casa * marziano in co-production with Neuer Shamir.


    Permanent installation on site + performance

    På Den Anden Side Biennale.  28 – 30 Aug. 2020. Mon. Denmark.

    For a long time, I have had a specific interest in Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus). Lion’s Mane is a culinary and medicinal mushroom, which is associated with neuronal health benefits and cognitive functions. Lion's Mane works as a remedy for depression, memory loss, Alzheimer and dementia. It can boost neurogenesis, neuroplasty and creativity. The installation Mushroom Totem Garden consists of vertically stacked logs inoculated with Lion’s Mane mycelium. After some time the totem garden will become alive and give mushroom fruit bodies.

  9. WE

    J&K / Janne Schäfer & Kristine Agergaard “We”

    13–14/3 2020 INKONST Bergsgatan 29. Malmo. Sweden 


    Come for a visit or stay the night - a journey into the playful world of J&K

    A giant lemon is mixing various chemical substances producing heaps of foam. A hairy, leathery, wooly vulva-like mountain presents the cosmic vagina monologue on death and rebirth in which we receive guiding principles to go beyond attraction and aversion. A pile of cardboard boxes is playing a symphony.

    Welcome to a visionary and magical playground of sensory experiences and visual storytelling. We is a major performance by visual artist duo J&K that invites you to a multi-sensory environment where matter and bodies are in a constant flow of transfiguration, exploring the visions of new forms of coexistence between humans and nonhuman life forms. 

    For one and a half years J&K have been working in residency at Inter Arts Center and Inkonst by using guided meditations to explore artificial and natural materials and objects such as everyday things, virtual images, minerals, plants, machines and smells. The result is a hybrid work between visual and stage art that attacks the traditional human-centric perspective onto the world and contributes to the urgently needed rethinking of the relationship between culture and nature in the face of the climate crisis.

    You can choose to come just for the evening or stay overnight. If you want to stay the night you need to pre-book your ticket. A small breakfast will be served in the morning.

    Concept, script, stage design, costumes: Janne Schäfer & Kristine Agergaard | Co-author: Jon Bonnici | Technical support: Linards Kulless | Performers: Janne Schäfer, Kristine Agergaard, Jon Bonnici, Linards Kulless, Emma-Cecilia Ajanki | Sound: Anders Børup & Mads Bech Paluszewski-Hau | We is created with support from IAC and Inkonst.


    November 2th, 3th  Uferstudios. Uferstr. 8/23 Berlin.

    Part dance piece, part choreographic happening, DEEP SKY OBJECTS is a collective poetic effort to expand the finitude of our bodies by flirting with astronomical distances and loopholes in time. A group of performers surrenders to the felt and imagined forces of an altered field in order to inspect and expose affections, resistances, isolations and solidarities. Matteo Marziano Graziano is fascinated by the overlaps of post-material sciences with paranormal phenomena. In DEEP SKY OBJECTS, he researches the channeling properties of the body – that is, the body’s capability to trace the subtle information of a space in real time and make it visible.

    Concept, choreography: Matteo Marziano Graziano
    Performance: Yuri Shimaoka, Zoe Goldstein, Olivia McGregor, Ronald Berger, Lyllie Rouvière, Josefine Göhmann, Linards Kulless, Samuel Hertz
    Spatial design, video and costume: Linards Kulless, Matteo Marziano Graziano
    Musical composition: Samuel Hertz
    Project assistance: Michael Tsouloukidse
    Production management: casa * marziano
    Supported by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.
    Co-production: Tanzfabrik Berlin
    Supported by PACT Zollverein, KOW Galerie und Deutsche Oper Berlin.

  11. På Den Anden Side

    September 4th-8th, 2019.  Workshop at På Den Anden Side, Møn, Denmark

     three days of artistic exchange, exploration and inspiration culminating into a one day public programme of impromtu presentations and celebration with the aim to explore the phenomena of metabolism from an interdisciplinary, artistic point of departure. 

    We wish to create a shared room for inter-aesthetic research into life forces and organism’s processes of transformation and exchange. What is metabolism in the physical sense? What is metabolism for a community? And what happens when metabolism suddenly breaks down? We want to look at plant communities, explore our body fluids, connect with mycelium and deep listen to land, animals and objects. We wish to talk about civilization and agriculture, body and work, communities and digestion.

  12. Playground – for accepting your mortality / Neiburga & Eglītis

    24.05.19.  - 7 PM  Ruine der Franziskaner Klosterkirche, Klosterstrase 73a, Berlin

    Performance and music for exhibition opening by
    Linards Kulless, Yuri Shimaoka & DJ Ambeyònce

    Inspiration for performance comes from Latvian traditional pagan mask and ancient carnival culture. Mix up with Berlins own Rave and S/M attributes, the performative ceremony will entertain people and give blessings for next year.


  13. DONNERSTAG. Gallery opening exhibition

    16.03.19 - 7 PM @ Weinerei Forum. Fehrberllinerstr. 57 10119 Berlin

    Artwork Love charms will be part of group exhibition

  14. LOVE CHARMS take part in Popper Publishing book series Paperweight VOL.1

  15. TRADE presents NAAFI @ Bread&&Butter

    VJ performance for Style and Culture Bread&&Butter 2018 event TRADE


    VJ performance @ Lecken stage 24-27 August. 2018. Gremminer See. Germany


    Video performance, installation. 21 June - 22 June 2018. Riga.

    The pagan alliance crosses electronic music from a.O. Latvia, Germany, South Africa, Iran, and Great Britain programmed and hosted by VIRON EROL VERT in collaboration with Erica Synth, commissioned by Riga InternationalInternataional Biennial of Contemporary Arts.

    9 Riga and Berlin-based DJs and musicians including Uncle Sample (Riga, Latvia), Neda Sanai (Berlin,Germany, Iran), Lakuti (Berlin, Germany, South Africa), Tama Sumo (Berlin, Germany), Hanno Hinkelbein (Berlin,Germany), Merimell (Tallinn, Estonia), Platons Buravickis (Riga, Latvia), Sam Barker (Berlin, Germany / Great Britain) and Pauline Doutreluingne (Berlin, Germany).

    Ambereum Pageant Alliance, is an electronic music celebration of Summer Solstice; the energies of renewal, reanimation, and fertility. The Summer Solstice party is programmed by Viron Erol Vert, artist presented in the Riga Biennial (RIBOCA) with his culturally diverse sound-travel studio the Ambereum (Dubulti Art Station). As Vert has worked closely connected with the legendary Berlin club Berghain over more than a decade, he has put together a line up of 9 Berlin and Riga-based “muses”, musicians, that will keep you up and out all night. This music event will take you from lazy afternoon happy chill through a rough and funky techno night-line-up to an ambient morning landing in the urban setting of Andrejsala, Riga.

    The evening is conceived in collaboration between Viron Erol Vert and Solvej Helweg Ovesen, RIBOCA associate Curator, and presented by RIBOCA and Erica Synths (Riga) at Andrejsala, Andrejostas iela 29, Riga.


    Light object and video for party at Tresor, Berlin 22.12.17  


    VJ performance 



  20. All you need is ears

    Videoinstalation  'Tarkovsky and Light' for Tresor & Fullpanda Pres.: All you Need is Ears

    29 July Tresor. Berlin


    Art director, colleges for video.

    20. July. 2017. Arena Riga

    A grand multi-media musical performance of children’s and youth choirs telling a story about the diverse and different worlds we live in and the bridges that connect us.


    VJ performance

    26 - 28 May, VEF, Riga. Latvia

    Electronic music festival, Under, is set up to promote the burgeoning underground movement of the city internationally, both drawing to its historic roots and showcasing the new talent at the vanguard of the contemporary scene.



    Performance (eng / dt), 60 mins

    With:  Magda TothovaPaul Philipp HeinzeAleksandra Bożek-MuszyńskaSuse WächterLinards KullessChristoph Mühlau

    21. September – WUK PROJEKTRAUM, Vienna. Unsafe + Sounds festival

  24. Mending and Bending, To Rīga with Love

    Philipp Heinze, J&K, Linards Kulless, Christoph Mühlau, Melissa Steckbauer, Magda Tothova, Suse Wächter (DE/DK/LV/USA/SK)

    Performance. 17, 18 september. All day.

    eight interstellar travellers /
    follow us / back and through /
    first day one, then day two /
    stones of power / shrines of love /
    step out of doubt / breathe in, breath out /
    triturations & elixirs / ease, erase /
    dine with us / leaving time and space /
    maybe no, maybe so / cast a spell / come together /
    we, the fabric / open a vortex / we the waves, are transformed /
    and maybe again / undo the knots / relieve the tightness we discovered long ago /
    thanks to the keen hospitality / of the spirits of the space /
    we forgot our qualms / discover our grace /
    here we are / smiling beside you

    About Survival Kit

    The eighth international contemporary art festival Survival Kit 8 will take place this autumn from September 8 to 25. This year, in response to observations and current affairs, the festival will focus on the acupuncture of society, viewing our modern-day society as a body and searching for and locating its most painful points. In addition to the main exhibition, special attention will be devoted to putting together a varied programme of events, which will offer meditation workshops and shamanistic performances led by artists, pseudo-religious film screenings and critical multidisciplinary discussions. The festival is organised by the Latvian Centre for Contemporary Art.

  25. Stage diving in Luleå

    4 weeks art residence in Lulea.

    Exhibition together with FF colective at Galleri Syster. 10. September 17:00

    As a part of Galleri Syster’s international residency program we welcome the feminst art collective ƒƒ from Berlin for a one month stay in Luleå. On September 9 we wrap it up with a night of Stage Diving!

    For Gallery Syster ƒƒ will be creating a stage-like installation where stories and objects found throughout Luleå will become the basis for the staged piece, in which several performative contributions and interventions will take place.
    The scenario will be created in a collaborative manner involving both ƒƒ members as well as remote and local contributors. We will offer a seductive experience that welcomes participation, interaction and shifting realities in various media.
    ƒƒ will introduce stage diving as a method for being both the entertainer and the entertained, both the periphery and the center.

    Supported by:  The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture in jointly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Ministers of culture in the Baltic countries. 



  26. Positivus Festival 2016

    VJ performance at Nature Stage

    Positivus Festival is the Baltic States biggest music and arts festival, and is held annually in Latvia on the third weekend of July.

  27. Blood Sweat and Tears— Assembling Past and Future

    I made costume design and acting

    In her exhibition at Körnerpark, Mathilde ter Heijne directs a network of cultural workers and peace activists in oder to bring about reflections on current world crisis through the meditation upon the first International Women’s Peace Conference in The Hague, first convened in World War I. The project is divided into two parts. The first part comprises a research project that began in 2005, Women to Go, with a special series based on women peace activists.

    June 25th to September 4th 2016
    Schierker Str. 8, 12051 Berlin, Germany

  28. Mending and Bending Remedies Beneath the Palm Tree

    A Durational Happening Featuring: 

    Paul Philipp Heinze, Linards Kulless, Christoph Mühlau, 
    Janne Schäfer / J&K, Melissa Steckbauer & Magda Tothova

    November 21st, 2015.    13:00 - 18:00

    Palme13  Schwendermarkt 13. 1050 Vienna

    We six interstellar travelers you may follow the whole day through
    With stones of power we'll stretch your vision
    Mountains of sound may smile upon you 
    And ticklish herbs will laugh out loud 

    Elegant monsters will shake loose your fears
    A trituration will empty the space,
    Kneading through your thoughts 
    Together we dine with grace

    Perhaps none of these spells will be cast 
    But draw forth your curiosity; come one, come all
    Together we'll build a fabric — over time and beneath the palm

    This event ist part of the Vienna Artweek Studio Visits

  29. High Street Fetish

    Workshop, musik video shooting.

    03.10.15. -08.10.15. Gelegenheiten, Weserstraße 50, 12045 Berlin

    A collective of creative minds will be taking over Gelegenheiten to take part in, lead skill swaps workshops and give talks on the subject 'High Street Fetish'. Critiquing and opening up discussions on how high street stores deal with gender, sex and fetishes - and how as a society we commercialise sexuality. This week will also include the making of a video set and costumes ready to be used on the final few days in which the culmination of ideas and experiences shared will then be cultivated to make a music video to the track ‘High Street Fetish' as we open our doors to the freaks, geeks, dancers, free thinkers and attention seekers of Berlin.

  30. "Spannungsbogen spiegelei und apfelmus." 

    by Christoph Mühlau & Linards Kulless
    Self made urban apple apfelmus & self made mix tape!


    J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard) Linards Kulless and Christoph Mühlau

    Performance: Saturday, September 19th 2015 from 18 clock, next to Galerie im Körnerpark, Berlin

    Unheeded food treasures from Körnerpark and the immediate vicinity
    are served by a clan of survivalists to the public for consumption and healing. Weeds, medical herbs, wild vegetables, edible flowers and windfalls - all collected locally - are prepared in a makeshift kitchen laboratory. Accordingly, the kitchen and the robes of the performers are also mainly made from found materials from the area. A harvest ceremony takes place and is celebrated along with the audience, showing the hidden resources and the lushness of the urban landscape.

    Special thanks to Our Berlin Vodka


    Club ONE ONE, Riga 07.08.15

    VJ performance with VHS tapes. Performance consistent only with vhs video art made by artist F1 (Martins Francis) made around year 2000.

  33. HARD WAY

    Action movie, musical

    Work with Skena Lux in movie art departament, making of decorations and props.


    SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015, 4.30H – 6H

    Kunstquartier Bethanien, Marianneplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

    Part of the performance series Works on Paper III, Months of Performance Art 2015


    SUNDAY, MAY 31, 2015, 4.30H – 6H

    Kunstquartier Bethanien, Marianneplatz 2, 10997 Berlin

    Part of the performance series Works on Paper III, Months of Performance Art 2015

  36. TALK SHOW /// TANZTAGE EDITION: Addressing fair dance

    01.16. 2014. at 8:30pm  

    How to look at dance with a sustainable eye? Have a drink and sit down! Between the musical interludes of studio house band ISLAJA+TATU, the Talk Show guests are popping up all over the Sophiensaele Kantine to lay unexpected eyes on moving bodies at the heart of the Tanztage Festival. The short live interviews relate the work of a dancer to the movements of the world it lives in. 

    Looking at different mirrors of the disco ball, hosts Bozek & Vassinen bring to the studio:
    - The body-conscious porn professionals 
    - The sports journalist fascinated by the Mafia
    - The NGO director fighting for transparency
    - The body practitioner giving her touch 
    - The nighttime voices of Berlin clubs
    - The crew of inglorious dancers 

    For one night only, the Talk Show lounge offers a comfortable seat and space for the mind.

    Tickets 10/7 € | | 030 283 52 66 | Sophienstraße 18

    OPEN AFTER PARTY!!! 23h- with DJ Alternegro (Ficken3000) + VJ Linards Kulless (

    With friendly support from Marimekko (Alte Schönhauser Straße 42) |

  37. Keysession

    Video and animation for multimedia project Keysession.

  38. Christmas fetish for

    Christmas fetish souvenirs for Baltic Fair Trade christmas shop in Weihnachtmarkt in der Kulturbrauerei.
    24.11.- 22.12.2014
    Mo-Fr 15 - 22 Uhr Sa & So 13 - 22 Uhr
    Sredzkistr. 1 Knaackstr. 97 Schönhauser Alle 36-39 10435 Berlin-Prenzlauer Berg

  39. Temporary Autonomous Zone 3


    Witch Soup in collaboration with J&K and Agnieszka Brzezanska.

    24-hour performance event: Saturday, October 4, 2014, 16h – Sunday, October 5, 2014, 16h
    Exhibition opening: Sunday, October 5, 2014, 16h (exhibition on view for 2 months)
    Teatr Studio, Pl. Defilad 1, 00-901 Warsaw, Poland

    The Temporary Autonomous Zone is a temporary open space in which we invite feminist artists to realize art projects, performances, lectures, discussions, film evenings, parties and other events. This is a time of intense meetings that enrich the knowledge of each other, our networks and friendships and often evolve into ƒƒ collaborations.


    THE CAVE at international performance art festival Hitparaden2, Chopenhagen 21. sept. 2014

    Performance together with J&K

    The Cave is a tribute to the origins of art making and explores liminal states of human and non‐human existence and of becoming other. Over the duration of 17 min a stage is created as a living tableaux transforming the space into a temporary cave. Five distinctly costumed characters inhabit, explore and construct The Cave as they interact, handle materials and paint each other in a slow and yet dramatic choreography structured by light and sound.

    Performers: Linards Kulless, Christoph Mühlau, Philip Roitmann, Janne Schäfer, Mette Schwarz. Light on stage: Kristine Agergaard. Sound technical assistance: Matthias Wyder.

    The Cave was performed during the performance evening ff / Forma at KW Institute for Contemporary Art, Berlin.

  41. Miniature art exhibition

    Take part in miniature art exhibition at Riga.

  42. *LAND’N SPACE*

    Colages & VJ set at group show at HB55 Kunstfabrik

    Saturday 16.08 *LAND’N SPACE*
    By Yooree Yang, Victoire Decavèle and Sinyoung Park.

    / Large format painting. Metaphysics, meditation, contemplation and strong relationship with nature.
    There work turn around the landscape.. )

    Yooree Yang

    Victoire Decavèle

    Sinyoung Park

    Thomas Ferembach

    Linards Kulless

    Rocco Vinile

  43. Hello Lichtenberg!

    After 5 months spent in the HB55 Kunstfabrik, our new atelier location, we are finally ready to show our last productions. Some pieces have been made and will be made specially for this.
    A performance by Linards Kulless will start around 20h, don't be late!

    ♥ Guests artworks by: ♥
    Linards Kulless
    Jot Fau
    Lucas Rollin
    Marc Hennes
    Samuel Trinquier
    Pauline Raguin
    Archie Fitzgerald
    Thomas Ferembach
    Colette Stephens

    Opening on the 30th May, friday, from 17h until latet.
    It will be also open on the 31th (saturday) from 12h until 19h.
    We would be pleased to see you all people.
    Hello Lichtenberg!

  44. KIM? 5 year anniversary

    17.05.2014 will make performance and event interior design concept for gallery KIM? 5 year anniversary in Riga.

  45. 427

    I am part of group exhibition at 427 gallery in Riga

  46. Jimmy Edgar. Majenta LED Show 2012

    Going in tour with Jimmy Edgar ( 


    14/04/2012 Florence, EX3

    21/04/2012 London @ Fabric

    05/05/2012 Turin @ Ex Zoo (China Surprise)

    11/05/2012 Brighton @ Digital (The Great Escape)

    19/05/2012 Rotterdam @ DEAF Fest closing party

    23/05/2012 Sofia @ Sofia Live Club

    26/05/2012 Detroit @ Movement Festival

    01/06/2012 Montreal @ Mutek

    08/06/2012 Glasgow @ The Arches

    09/06/2012 Oslo @ Dattera til Hagen (DJ SET)

    03/08/2012 Tisno, Croatia @ The Garden (Stop Making Sense Festival)

    24/08/2012 Katowice @ Tauron Nowa Muzyka (Littlebig Stage)

    07/09/2012 Croatia @ Dimensions Festival

  47. STOFFWECHSEL - Ersatzverkehr

    Banga performance and flyer design for BI Nuu Club Opening party at Berlin.

  48. Naherholung Sternchen

    Video installation for new Berlin venue Naherholung Sternchen, Berolina Strasse 7 (next to Mollstrasse), Berlin, 10178, U5 Schillingstrasse (Behind Kino Internationl/Rathaus Mitte)

  49. The Hunt For The Berlin Artist

    Project Banga will take part in performance art event The Hunt For The Berlin artist @ KW Institute for Contemporary Art – KUNST-WERKE BERLIN Auguststr. 69, 6th. July 7-10 pm

  50. La Traviata

    I will be dancer for Giuseppe Verdi opera La Traviata.

  51. Tango Noise

    Video performance for Margo Fatal b-day event Tango Noise.

  52. Shameless Limitless

    vj performance for Shameless Limitless party @ west Germany

  53. all you need is ears

    29.10.2010. vj performance for "all you need is ears" party at m.i.k.z

  54. BANGA

    Next Banga performance 23. oktober @ MindTheBox event in Mind Pirates. Falckensteinstraße 48. Berlin. 

    BANGA is a shamanic platform for the creation of energetic potions using the elements of sound, silver, amber and thought wave patterns to positively influence our community.

    BANGA is made from 60% water and 40% spirit.  Working with the water element within this pure drink we aim to enrich and charge BANGA with positive energetic properties.

  55. Keine Angst!

    Multidisciplinary project of the scholars of Robert Bosch Foundation´s Programme for Cultural Managers from Central and Eastern Europe, taking place from 23th till 31st of July 2010 in Tapetenwerk Halle C in Leipzig.

    23.-31. Juli 2010
    Tapetenwerk, Lützner Str. 91, Leipzig

    The Videoexhibition opening:
    23. Juli 2010, 19:00 Uhr

    On July 23rd, 2010 at 7 p.m. the project Keine Angst! with the discussion and music performance will be open. The project explores the relationship between the individual and the institution of authority as well as origin and the maintenance of the societal norms (politeness, political correctness, universal axiology). Keine Angst! is joint project by young culture managers from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Czech Republic, Latvia and Lithuania.

    ''In the past as well as in today´s society the existence of fear is ever-present. It is often being politicized and used for defining 'normality', 'minority', 'majority'. For our project we have chosen the theme that might have other forms in Germany or in Lithuania, but is common to all societies. The complexity of preconceptions and established structures that one faces in the society is like a labyrinth where one could get lost or one could dare (Keine Angst!) to search for the exit.

    The video exhibition Keine Angst! shows the works of artists from Lithuania, Latvia, Germany and Bosnia and Herzegovina. Artworks are placed in a room installation of labyrinth, created by Dresden architect Wolfgang Kurtz with the assistance of Igor Sovilj. The labyrinth is meant as a metaphor of the dead end, where the fears prevent us from the finding the exit.

    On the opening night - July 23th at 7 30 p.m, the open discussion with the artists and invited guests and the concert of Margita Zalite aka Margo (LV), Tytia Mina Teremina (LT) und DJ take place.

    Artists, taking part in the exhibition: 
    Katrina Neiburga (LV), Kate Krolle (LV), Linards Kulless (LV), Ivars Gravlejs (LV), Gorana Bosnic, Sandra Dukic (BiH), Igor Bosnjak (BiH), Laura Garbstiene (LT), Sophie Uchman (DE), Maria Susanne Schwerdtner (DE)

    The Project Keine Angst! is a collaboration of four Robert Bosch scholars in the Program for Cultural Managers from Central and East Europe for 2009/2010, a program realized by MitOst ass. from Berlin:

    Ruta Virbickaite, Lithuania
    Zane Zajanckauska, Latvia and
    Martina Zuzanakova, Checz Republic 

    Project is supported by:

    Robert Bosch Foundation
    Cultural Foundation of the Free State Saxony
    IFA- Institut for Foreign Relations and
    Latvian Cultural Foundation

  56. BANGA

    BANGA is a shamanic platform for the creation of energetic potions using the elements of sound, silver, amber and thought wave patterns to positively influence our community.

    The inception of the BANGA project will take place on Friday 17th of July, 2010 at interactive art playground Mind The Box, at Mind Pirates, Falckensteinstr. 48. Berlin at 21:00. 


    BANGA is made from 60% water and 40% spirit.  Working with the water element within this pure drink we aim to enrich and charge BANGA with positive energetic properties.

    It is already known that water has properties that enable it to take on special subtle qualities found only within the sub atomic patterns.  These patterns interact with water patterns found in the human organism, thus changing the vibrations of intracellular energy.


    Energise your BANGA with thoughts, words and emotions!

    Game “CURE the BANGA”:

    You can “charge” or “cure” the BANGA with your thoughts. Just hold the container and think of something – and put it back. Write the ideas that you thought on a small piece of paper.  This will then be used to charge BANGA for the next people playing.


    Energising BANGA with silver.

    Trace amounts of silver in water have great biological and physiological influence with the living body. Silver water is a preventative measure and remedy for many diseases.

    BANGA is cured with an old silver spoon, which came from my grandmother’s house in Vilnius.


    Energising BANGA with amber.

    In the Baltic States, Amber has been used for centuries. It is associated with sunlight and warmth and reputed to boost the immune system.

    Using the energies of the deep past, we can influence our present creative processes to create something new.


    Energising BANGA with sound

    Water has the ability to take on patterns influenced by the presence of sound.

    Harmonic patterns in music transmit harmonic energy through water into the human organism.


    Banga is a project conceived by two people from the Baltic States: Linards Kulless and Juste Kostikovaite.

  57. KIOSK. Collective sentimental memory

    Exhibition opening!!!!


    2010 05 07, 8 p.m.

    THE FORGOTTEN BAR/Galerie im Regierungsviertel, Boppstrasse 5, 10967 Berlin


    One Lithuanian,one Latvian, one Swedish, and one Norwegian artist - together and separately - they are playing with Polaroid. In Berlin.



  58. Synthethische Union

  59. --------if more children are born boys than girls, than it means war------- ------------ja puikas dzimst vairāk nekā meitenes, tad būs karš-----------


    An arts event in the Riga city where local and international artists are invited to reflect on the diverse survival strategies.

    12.09.09 - 19.09.09. Riga. Latvia


    It's very clear that the basis of today’s troubles, burdens and tribulations are caused by humans, and probably men are more to blame. How to deal with all this so called ''man's world'' disaster?  Finally, if our own strength isn't enough anymore, maybe it's time to turn to Latvian ancient wisdom and knowledge of charms, power-signs and protectors.


    Vienozīmīgi skaidrs ka visu dižķibeļu, ķīviņu, neražu un likstu pamatā ir paši cilvēki, un iespējams ka vīriešu vaina ir mazliet lielāka. Kā tikt galā ar visu šo „vīriešu pasaules“ postu, ja pašiem vairs nepietiek spēka. Tad talkā mums var nākt latviešu viedās zināšanas par amuletiem, spēka zīmēm un aizstāvjiem.