Linards Kulless is a latvian interdisciplinary visual artist. For many years he worked as cultural manager in a couple of Riga art projects. Now he works in different media like video, photo and installation. The artistic playground of Linards includes theatre performances, paintings, outfit and interior concepts. Linards also works as a VJ  since 2001.   He exposes his work in art exhibitions since 1999 in many European countries.  In his art projects there are often found ethnographic influences, esoteric knowledge and a search for identity. 

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    with and by Matteo Marziano Graziano, Linards Kulless, Zoe Goldstein, Yuri Shimaoka, Matias Brunacci, Polina Zinziver, Michael Tan, Sabine Huschka, Jacqueline Wong, Samuel Hertz.

    LYRICAL GRAVITY is a multiplayer VR artwork for seven spectators that approaches Virtual Reality as a happening. By speculating on a fictional kind of gravity, it makes use of pop songs and their lyrics as psychoacoustic gates for triggering embodied memories and dormant affects, while leading the users on a sensorial somatic experience into the realm of instinct, intuition and desire.

    LYRICAL GRAVITY makes use of a contemporary western music dramaturgy to retrace the fundamental relational forces that move us as a collectivity as we strive for shared empowerment and political self-determination. Pop hits allow access to deeper affective states—joy, fear, surprise, disgust, anger, arousal, excitement, tranquility—redeeming affections, playfulness, touch and solidarities in the collective dreaming of post-pandemic sustainable scenarios. This return to collective affect opens up a performative field in which negotiations between body states, emotional scripts and cognitive processes arise from the embodiment of language through song inside of the VR space.

    LYRICAL GRAVITY makes you levitate to a different affective realm. This gamified somatic VR experience asks a direct question: when we hear, read, feel the lyrics of a song that is emotionally touching — when we are touched, what is it that it's being touched? when we are moved, how can we use that movement for a collective writing of the story of our times? LYRICAL GRAVITY is a provocative love experience and performative encounter in an unorthodox karaoke style. LYRICAL GRAVITY brings the user to a deeper level of their personal emotional geography poking their heart with poetic power through sound resonance, energetic vibrations, and pop song fragments.

    LYRICAL GRAVITY is a transdisciplinary digital performance by Matteo Marziano Graziano around songs and the affective power of lyrics, built as a hybrid VR happening in interaction with a digital framework that includes four open labs, a dedicated website, and a digital public program.  

    LYRICAL GRAVITY is funded by the Berlin Senate for Culture and Europe.

    LYRICAL GRAVITY is supported by the European Union under the House of Europe program.


    Permanent installation on site + performance

    På Den Anden Side Biennale.  28 – 30 Aug. 2020. Mon. Denmark.

    For a long time, I have had a specific interest in Lion’s Mane Mushroom (Hericium Erinaceus). Lion’s Mane is a culinary and medicinal mushroom, which is associated with neuronal health benefits and cognitive functions. Lion's Mane works as a remedy for depression, memory loss, Alzheimer and dementia. It can boost neurogenesis, neuroplasty and creativity. The installation Mushroom Totem Garden consists of vertically stacked logs inoculated with Lion’s Mane mycelium. After some time the totem garden will become alive and give mushroom fruit bodies.


    Installation. Wood, cable binders. 2018. Berlin.

    Digital photo. Broken heart. 2018. Berlin


    Love charm. Man to man.

    Love charm. Man to woman.

    Love charm. Woman to man.

    Love charm. Woman to woman.


    Photo by Sebastian Stoehr

  4. Mammal Matrix (MaMa)  video installation by J&K created for Karachi art biennale 2017

    Installation, production assistance for J&K

    Mammal Matrix (MaMa) is a new video work by J&K created for KB17. The video consists of a looped animation of still photography images showing a colourful and vividly textured composition of bedding materials, fabrics and objects in constant transformation seen from a bird’s eye view. The painterly scenarios reference death and birth beds, and bear witness to possible rituals and stages of passage that are lived and performed in them. The image sequence is accompanied by spoken text taking the audience on a cosmic journey through multiple states of birth and death, from the edge of the universe into a womb on planet Earth. The protagonists of this journey are a basilosaurus, a chicken, a sesame seed and a meteorite: phenomena that are all loosely referencing the ancient cultural and geological history of the region that makes up today’s Pakistan. Mammal Matrix (MaMa) is offering a zoomed-out perspective on life as a continuous cycle in which being-hood shifts and where the man-made categories and borders between human and animal species, plants, minerals and things are questioned and explored. The work is shown as a projection within a full-floor installation composed from various soft materials allowing the audience to sit or lie down and experience the work as a form of guided meditation on the transient mysteries of life and death. The floor installation partly references the aesthetics of the video and blends it with local materials creating a communal patchwork. Mammal Matrix (MaMa)was created while J&K were personally facing actual birth and dying processes and the artists wish to thank Linards Kulless (production assistance) and Fritz Stollberg (photography and edit) for their great personal and artistic support. Text for the video was written with and spoken by Jonathan Bonnici. The work was realised with financial support from the Danish Arts Foundation.


    Installation. Performance. 2016, Lülea, Sweden

    Project `Fire weed` was made as  performativ  platform , where public become part of installation and through tea ceremony was welcome to discuss subjects as forgotten knowledge about plants and herbs, urban people conflict with nature e.c. As part of project I collect local plat, cold Fire weed and made fermentation process with it. As result I get tea what nowadays is best known as  Ivanchai.  Ivanchai  was most popular tea in all the Europe for ages. Knowledge about this very healthy drink was lost after Chines tea come to Europe. 

    DIA projections - Magda Tothova

    Supported by:  The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture in jointly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Ministers of culture in the Baltic countries. 

    Love charm. Man to man.

    Love charm. Man to woman.

    Love charm. Woman to man.

    Love charm. Woman to woman.


    Installation. Wood, cable binders. 2016, Lülea, Sweden

    Scandinavian runes, paganism and queer.

    Supported by:  The Nordic-Baltic Mobility Programme for Culture in jointly financed by the Nordic Council of Ministers and the Ministers of culture in the Baltic countries. 

  7. Waves of probability

    Waves of probability. Collage 13x18  2014

    Holographic universe. Collage 13x18  2014

    Mega mystery. Collage 13x18  2014

    Exhibited in 427 gallery in Riga , HB55 in Berlin

  8. TEMPLE STAGE @ Plötzlich am Meer

    TEMPLE STAGE @ Plötzlich am Meer Festival.  Poland. 2013.

    Sculptures, paintings, instalations.

  9. Wait like a lover, only then is your waiting meaningful.

    Drawing for Latvian illustration magazine Poppers book 'Patience'. 2012.

  10. Table opera

    Together with Margo Zalite. Performance, instalation, video. 2012. Berlin

  11. Fear is unfounded

    Fear is unfounded if you know that no matter which of the infinitely many life roads you take, it turns out that all of the opportunities work out in your favour!

    2010. Video installation. Leipzig (Germany)


    Performance, instalation, video. - together with opera director Margo Zalite. Leipzig 2009



    2009. acylic on canvas, installation. Survival kit. Riga (Latvia)

    It's very clear that the basis of today’s troubles, burdens and tribulations are caused by humans, and probably men are more to blame. How to deal with all this so called ''man's world'' disaster?  Finally, if our own strength isn't enough anymore, maybe it's time to turn to Latvian ancient wisdom and knowledge of charms, power-signs and protectors.



    “SINGALONG” was cultural management project and artist residence house, offers accommodation services and physical working space/room to contemporary artists and various art/culture activists + the option to publish their projects in the area of Andrejsala, cultural hotspot of Riga. Singalong work as curators for many international art and music events in Riga.  2006-2008. Riga, Latvia

  15. White Magnetic Wizard

    2008. self photo portret. paintings, instalations. Riga (Latvia), Berlin(Germany)

    This self portrait ties in themes from the Mayan horoscope as well as Latvian mythological symbology to create a fusion of cultural dynamics.  The White Magnetic Wizard represents the essence of the Magician, whose powers are activated by wisdom that emanates from the heart.  For me, it is important to place myself in contexts which have meaning and give me greater perspective that I feel  influence my life and spirit.  This is visually reflected by the use of white and mushrooms, representative of spirituality in nature.

    Graphical design - Germans Ermics

    Make up - Maija Gundare

  16. Colages

    Series of colages 2007.

  17. Foto Otto

    2007. Photo exhibition, installation. Leipzig (Germany)

     “Foto Otto” gives an account of the “photographic” everyday life in Latvia. The photographs have been taken from the hard disks of the Latvian youth, their origin and the photographer’s identity being unknown. They serve as contemporary witnesses and reporters of a society and generation. None of the owners wishes to create art by taking pictures. The only important thing is the moment that is being photographed. Shown in the form of a space installation and contextually integrated, the images tell us about a complex society and a time when taking photographs became a popular sport.


  18. Think about bright things at dark moments of life

    2005.-2006. Installation, photo. Weimar (Germany), Riga (Latvia)

    Things which make your life happier are easy, but often forgotten. I want to remind people to be awake and use wisdom every time when demons attack. Think about bright things at dark moments of life is inspired by ancient Latvian pagan ritual heritage and aesthetics.

  19. Bless this House

    2005.- video installation. Riga (Latvia), Molhause, Forbach (France)

    Since ancient times people have known countles ways of protection themselves from evil and promoting their well-being with the oid of magical rituals. The eight-pointed Auseklis star, down in an unbroken line on the outside doors of houses, prevent phantoms, witches and covetous persons from entering or doing harm to people and cattle. Using the knowledge of the ancestors and the positive energy of the Auseklis star as a basis, I have decided to perform a ritual that will protect Riga. Using a map of the city and the network of streets, I have found a route that, if followed without deviation, will trace out a huge eight-pointed Auseklis star. By analogy with the  blessings brought by the Auseklis on the doors of houses, this magical rite will prevent future evil coming into Riga. My precious city will be saved, I will fulfill my human duty – I will make life better! 

  20. Tikums?

    Tikums? exhibition "Pornografija" Slideprojection./ 2004 - Riga,Latvia‚Ä®

  21. Euphoria

    Latvian-German film and performance project by Johann Gottfried Herder "Journal of my trip in 1769"

    Riga in May 1769. A young man, aged 24, of Johann Gottfried Herder leaves, fled by boat the city. On the journey that leads him to Nantes in France, the young philosopher and theologian writes a diary - a brooding and euphoric settlement with itself and with the spirit of the Enlightenment his time, full of new plans and ideas and at the same time full of fears and self-accusation. More than 200 years later 6 young artists have re-engaged in the "Journal". In February 2003, Susann Hempel, Olaf Helbing and Janek Müller went on the ferry to Riga. In the summer Ieva Kaulina, Linards Kulless and Voldemars Johanson came with the same ferry to Germany. 38 hours with 70 Baltic Truck driving on the open sea. This is Europa.Ausgehend of this trip develop the artists a recordable installation after the search of the young Herder for intellectual autonomy. The trip is for laboratory situation. Parking, rest areas, ship cabins - always the same space. Machine sounds mingle in truck drivers songs on the accordion.


    26.08.2003 Weimar Art Festival 2003

    17.11.2003 Berlin, Hebbel-am-Ufer

    26.11.2003 Riga, Riga Jaunais Teatris

    26.03.2004 Hamburg, Kampnagel

    31.03.2004 Bremen, Junges Theatre / Schwankhalle

    07.04.2004 Sylt, Art Space Sylt-Quelle


    With Susann Maria Hempel, Olaf Helbing, Linards Kulless, Voldemars Johanson

    Design, Video: Janek Müller

    Artistic Collaboration: Ieva Kaulina

    Video Editing: Janek Müller, Linards Kulless

    Music, sound design: Olaf Helbing, Voldemars Johanson

  22. Castle of light

    2002. Video installation, sound installation. Venice, Riga.

    Artist group Maize's contribution to latvian exposition at the 8th venice architecture biennale was the video work 'castle of light'. Latvian exposition focused on the work of the latvia-born american architect gunnar birkerts, in particular his project for the new national library of latvia in riga (as yet unbuilt). The name 'castle of light' refers to latvian pre-christian cosmology, denoting a mythological repository of knowledge. because of its methapohocial power, the name was chosen as a nickname for the national library. Maize's work complemented the exposition by exploring the relationship of mythology and everyday life.