Linards Kulless is a latvian interdisciplinary visual artist. For many years he worked as cultural manager in a couple of Riga art projects. Now he works in different media like video, photo and installation. The artistic playground of Linards includes theatre performances, paintings, outfit and interior concepts. Linards also works as a VJ  since 2001.   He exposes his work in art exhibitions since 1999 in many European countries.  In his art projects there are often found ethnographic influences, esoteric knowledge and a search for identity. 

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    Performance + Symposium

    Performers: J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard), Linards Kulless, Signe Koefoed, Lise Hovesen, Randi Kjær.
    Sound composition and vocals: Thilde Fjord Madsen
    Instruments and effects: Thilde Fjord Madsen and Frederik Mensink
    Choir: Koret Paradox
    Organ: Niels Andersson

    February 12-13. 2022. Mariakirken Vesterbro Copenhagen. 

    Since November 2021 J&K have developed a number of ritual practices in the context of The Maria Project curated by Matthias Hvass Borello. The work investigates how the notion of kinship can be extended to non-human life forms and materials in the context of Maria Church on Istedgade and its services for people with urgent and social needs. In the series of multi-sensual Ritual Practises we are establishing expanded relations with basic life sustaining materials such as earth, bread, fire or textiles. Now these ritual exercises come together in a large performance piece that invites us all to reconnect in intimate ways to our existence and the materials that sustain it.
    Kin Matter (Ritual Practice V) - final performance
    You are invited to join a 2-hour ritual choreography, in which sensuous relationships with a number of basic materials are established as the church space is slowly transformed into a living tableau. The work proposes a collective ritual as a constructive response to one of the most fundamental crises of our time: the lack of empathic relationship to ressources and the world around us.
    6 performers guide the audience through a crafty and ritualised process where we collectively engage with clay, bread baking, textiles and meditative exercises through which sensory relationships between people and materials are explored. Composer Thilde Fjord Madsen conducts an improvised soundscape composed of material sounds, voices, instruments, choir and church organ.



    21.12.21. Grimmuseum Fichtestraße 2, 10967 Berlin

    Photo by Dasha Zorkina


    Part dance piece, part choreographic happening.

    DEEP SKY OBJECTS is a collective poetic effort to expand the finitude of our bodies by flirting with astronomical distances and loopholes in time. A group of performers surrenders to the felt and imagined forces of an altered field in order to inspect and expose affections, resistances, isolations and solidarities. Matteo Marziano Graziano is fascinated by the overlaps of post-material sciences with paranormal phenomena. In DEEP SKY OBJECTS, he researches the channeling properties of the body – that is, the body’s capability to trace the subtle information of a space in real time and make it visible.

    Concept, choreography: Matteo Marziano Graziano
    Performance: Yuri Shimaoka, Zoe Goldstein, Olivia McGregor, Ronald Berger, Lyllie Rouvière, Josefine Göhmann, Linards Kulless, Samuel Hertz
    Spatial design, video and costume: Linards Kulless, Matteo Marziano Graziano
    Musical composition: Samuel Hertz
    Project assistance: Michael Tsouloukidse
    Production management: casa * marziano
    Supported by Berliner Senatsverwaltung für Kultur und Europa.
    Co-production: Tanzfabrik Berlin
    Supported by PACT Zollverein, KOW Galerie und Deutsche Oper Berlin.



    A collaborative performance 

    Idea / overall design / slide and Videoinstallative / Percussion Performance: Magda Tothova idea / overall design / Sound Performance: Paul Philipp Heinze 
    choreography / puppeteer Suse Wächter 
    choreography / dance performer: Aleksandra Bozek-Muszyńska 
    Stage / Performance: Linards Kulless 
    costume / Performance: Christoph Muhlau

    Duration of performance: 50 minutes

    In the context of the US presidential elections 2012, Tothova first learns about Ayn Rand's influence on national politicians such as Republican Alan Greenspan and Paul Ryan. She begins her research. 
    Driven by the idea of ​​optimizing society, Ayn Rand's objectivist ethics is the premise of a rational egoism. In the course of several months spent in the US, Tothova finds that this radical, capitalist, libertarian, and rationalized ideology of Rands is reflected in the increasingly influential technology industry of Silicon Valley, as well as in the strongly competing behavior of many left feminists. The omnipresence of egotistical strings of action is thus made clear for Tothova in the most varied social strata. 
    On the basis of these considerations, Tothova and Heinze jointly ask themselves in which intellectual and atmospheric spaces of the Western world the philosophical approach of Rand's objectivism has been adopted. 
    For the performative processing of the collected impressions, Tothova and Heinze are looking for alternative methods to investigate the possible origin of a self-optimizing and his talents-seeking individual. 
    The results are combined with the dancer and choreographer Aleksandra Bożek-Muszyńska and the puppeteer Suse Wächter in a cross-media performance. Magda Tothova optimizes the drums, supported by the sound archi- tectures Paul Philipp Heinzes. 
    The installation settings and costumes were developed together with the artists and performers Linards Kulless and Christoph Mühlau. (Text: Shilla Schüsselmayer)

    Photos by Philippe Gerlach

  5. Mending and Bending, to Riga with Love

    participatory durational performance/happening (stage installation, sound, food, drinks, sensorium, puppets, slide projections, text, objects)
    ongoing over 2 days, 2016

    in collaboration with Paul Philipp Heinze, J&K / Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard, Christoph Mühlau, Melissa Steckbauer, Magda Tothova and Suse Wächter

    eight interstellar travelers /
    follow us / back and through /
    first day one, then day two /
    stones of power / shrines of love /
    step out of doubt / breathe in, breath out /
    triturations & elixirs / ease, erase /
    dine with us / leaving time and space /
    maybe no, maybe so / cast a spell / come together /
    we, the fabric / open a vortex / we the waves, are transformed /
    and maybe again / undo the knots / relieve the tightness we discovered long ago /
    thanks to the keen hospitality / of the spirits of the space /
    we’ll forget our qualms / discover our grace /
    here we are / smiling beside you

    Mending and Bending, to Riga with Love took place during the international Latvian Art Festival Survival Kit 8 organized by the Latvian Center for Contemporary Art. The festival’s focus was on “acupuncture of society”, viewing our modern-day society as a body and searching for and locating its most painful points.

    photos: Atis Jakobsons and Arnis Kalniņš

  6. Mending and Bending Remedies Beneath the Palm Tree

    A Durational Happening Featuring: 

    Paul Philipp Heinze, Linards Kulless, Christoph Mühlau, 
    Janne Schäfer / J&K, Melissa Steckbauer & Magda Tothova

    November 21st, 2015.    13:00 - 18:00

    Palme13  Schwendermarkt 13. 1050 Vienna

    We six interstellar travelers you may follow the whole day through
    With stones of power we'll stretch your vision
    Mountains of sound may smile upon you 
    And ticklish herbs will laugh out loud 

    Elegant monsters will shake loose your fears
    A trituration will empty the space,
    Kneading through your thoughts 
    Together we dine with grace

    Perhaps none of these spells will be cast 
    But draw forth your curiosity; come one, come all
    Together we'll build a fabric — over time and beneath the palm

    Part of happening is Sensorium. The Sensorium is multi-disciplinary and operates as a ceremony, ritual, performance, and workshop done within groups, utilizing everyday objects to discover elaborate fields of play and congress.  While not limited to haptic experience, a central aspect of the Sensorium is touch. 

  7. Green Gold - witch kitchen and harvest ceremony

    Herbology performance and harvest ceremony of the Körnerpark. Berlin. 19.09.15.

    J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard) Linards Kulless and Christoph Mühlau together with Mika Kokkonen, Mona Kokkonen, Sonja Kokkonen, Cosmo Roitmann, Philip Roitmann.

    Unheeded food treasures from Körnerpark and the immediate vicinity
    are served by a clan of survivalists to the public for consumption and healing. Weeds, medical herbs, wild vegetables, edible flowers and windfalls - all collected locally - are prepared in a makeshift kitchen laboratory. Accordingly, the kitchen and the robes of the performers are also mainly made from found materials from the area. A harvest ceremony takes place and is celebrated along with the audience, showing the hidden resources and the lushness of the urban landscape.


    Suppe - Soup:
    Brennnessel - Nettle
    Giersch - Bishop's weed
    Rauke - Rocket
    Löwenzahn - Dandelion
    Sauerklee - Woodsorrel
    Dunkler Sauerklee - Dark Woodsorrel
    Franzosenkraut - Quickweed
    Tintenschöpfling - Shaggy Ink Cap
    Topinambur - Jerusalem artichokes
    Parasol Pilz - Parasol mushroom
    Gänsefuß - Goosefoot
    Hibiskus - Hibiscus
    Gänseblümchen - Daisy
    Spitzwegerich - Ribwort Plantain
    Begonie- Begonia
    Portulak - Purslane
    Taubnessel - Deadnettle
    Apfel - Apple
    Mangold - Chard

    Garnierung - Toppings:
    Tagliliensamen und Blüten- Daylilly Seeds and Flowers
    Springkraut - Impatiens
    Schwarze Nachtschattenbeere - Black Nightshade Berry
    Haselnuss - Hazelnut
    Walnuss - Walnut
    Quitte - Quince
    Berberitze - Barberry
    Begonie - Begonia
    Gänseblümchen - Daisy
    Taubnessel - Deadnettle
    Brennesselsamen - Nettle Seed
    Raukesamen - Rocket Seed
    Dahlie - Dahlia
    Pflanzenasche - Pant Charcoal

    Essenzen - Essences:
    Gänseblümchenblüten - Daisy Flower 
    Gänseblümchenblätter - Daisy Leaf 
    Silberkerzenwurzel - Black cohosh root 
    Löwenzahn - Dandelion 
    Frauenmantel - Common Lady's Mantle
    Aufrechter Sauerklee - Yellow Woodsorrel 
    Waldgeißbart - Goat's Beard
    Vogelbeerenschnaps - Rowan spirit

    Schminkfarben- Body Paint:
    Ziegelstein - Brick Stone
    Kreidestein - Chalk stone
    Erde - Earth
    Löwenzahn Blume - Dandelion flower
    Holunderbeere - Elderberry

    Tee - Tea:
    Hibiskus - Hibiscus
    Bromberreblätter - Blackberry Leaves
    Frauenmantel - Common Lady's Mantle
    Waldgeißbart - Goat's Beard
    Kastanie - Chestnut

    Sirup - Syrup:
    Holunderbeere - Elderberry
    Mahonien - Mahonia
    Quitte - Quince


    Marmelade - Jam:
    Holunderbeere - Elderberry
    Kornelkirsche - Cornelian Cherry
    Mirabelle - Mirabella
    Rote Mirabelle - Red Mirabella

    Rote Mirabelle - Red Mirabella
    Mirabelle - Mirabella
    Zierapfel - Wild Apple

    Räucherwerk - Incense:
    Schafgarbe - Yarrow
    Wacholder - Juniper
    Basilikum - Basil
    Beifuß - Mugwort

  8. Green Gold - Witch Soup Kichen

    Herbology performance at Temporary Autonomous Zone / 3 in Warsaw. 2014.

    Together with Agnieszka Brzeżańska, J&K (Janne Schäfer and Kristine Agergaard), Christoph Muhlau

    An edible and delicious elixir made from healing substances, including greens, weeds, and magical plants collected from the area around Warsaw. It will be served as both a communal meal and a healing potion. The soup will be served and produced from a small kitchen/laboratory installation.

  9. Blessing for KIM?

    Blessing performance for KIM? gallery 5 year universary. Riga, 2014
  10. Blessing

    Blessing installation, performance 2014. Berlin  Yassemeqk Kollektiv. 2014

  11. Mobile Utopia Research Unit

    Mobile Utopia Research Unit performance together with J&K world and friends at Fussion festival 2013. Germany

  12. Banga

    “Banga” Performance, installation, art product bar. 2010-2014. Berlin, Riga.

    BANGA is a shamanic platform for the creation of energetic potions using the elements of sound, silver, amber and thought wave patterns to positively influence our community.