Linards Kulless is a latvian interdisciplinary visual artist. For many years he worked as cultural manager in a couple of Riga art projects. Now he works in different media like video, photo and installation. The artistic playground of Linards includes theatre performances, paintings, outfit and interior concepts. Linards also works as a VJ  since 2001.   He exposes his work in art exhibitions since 1999 in many European countries.  In his art projects there are often found ethnographic influences, esoteric knowledge and a search for identity. 

Linards Kulless ©

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    Photo series for book and exhibition `Above The Ground`

    Theme project Àbove The Ground` is out of body experiences, intoxication from nature, chemistry, love or heights, psychedelic trips, hallucinations, personal experience and visual side effects.

    Exhibition, March 27 - April 10. Gallery Alma, Riga.


    The Oracle is a research project by ƒƒ about how the future is envisioned today. By generating wishes for a utopian future or by channeling fears of a dystopian nature, the project generates an overview of reflections on today’s society. The Oracle is a collective imagining realized by its participants. Instead of the traditional and supernatural voice of a sole oracle, its power is redistributed to include a multitude of voices, with the site of reception localized at The Wand.

    “What is your prophecy for the future?”

    The Wand, Paulstrasse 34, 2014 Berlin

  3. Night Market

    'Night Market' is Irina Spicaka and Linards Kulless. Made for exhibition during Art festival Survival Kit 2 /
    Latvia / 2010

  4. KIOSK:Collective sentimental memory

    It is a Polaroid project, that deals with the visual stories of collective sentimental memory. After the exhibition project will unfold itself in the installation in the public spaces - Berlin flea-market, where the audience will be invited to explore photographs along with other flea-market goods. Project will hold exhibitions in Vilnius and Riga. 2010

    By Julija Goyd (LT), JustÄ— KostikovaitÄ— (LT), Linards Kulless (LV), Andrea Gjestvang (NO) and Sanna Svanberg (SE)

    Exhibit in Berlin, Vilnius, Riga + 100-day photo-blog on Facebook.

  5. Countryside in fashion

    Photosesion together with Una Meiberga for magasine Diena. Riga

  6. Anete and Simona

    One early morning in Riga together with  Anete and Simona.